Rhythmic (Bulgaria)
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RALENKOVA Anelia Bulgaria
Discipline: Rhythmic
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Licence No.: 00000847
Date of birth: 25/01/1964 Age: 51
Gender: Female
Height: Weight:
Place of birth: SOFIA

Hometown: SEATTLE (USA)
Marital status: Single
Children: 0 boys
0 girls
Occupation: Coach
Languages Spoken:
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Creation date: 1999-08-27
More about RALENKOVA Anelia:
Anelia was the "The Great Actress" in RSG in the first half of the 80's. Her routines, such as hoop to Igor Stravinsky's "Fire Bird" (1983), ribbon to Ravel's "Bolero" (1984) and ball to George Gershwin's "Summer Time" (1984), are what provokes the debate: " Is Rhythmic Gymnastics an art, or a sport ? ".

Anelia was not extremely flexible, neither had she extraordinary jumping abilities; but no-one ever spotted this. She was such a hard worker that she managed to compensate what nature had deprived her of and, combined with her amazing sensivity, discovered how to create great gymnastics and an image in her routines.
Although she started RSG together with Iliana Raeva and Lilly Ignatova, Ralenkova had to wait a long time on the reserve bench. When at last shown to the World in Munich'81, Anelia was very convincing in her All Around victory. It was quite a sensation and everybody loved her.

Once the ice was broken, Anelia turned into one of the most intersting RSG "stylists" of all times. Looking calm, more introvert, compared to her opponents and friends in the team, Anelia knew how to fight. The years on the reserve bench had obviously taught her quiet, but stable resistance.

Anelia was the first gymnast to twice win the European All Around title. In 1982 she shared it with Dalia Kutkaite and in 1984 with Galina Beloglazova (both from the then USSR). Her record stayed for ten years and only in 1994 was it equalled by another Bulgarian gymnast - Maria Petrova.

Anelia's active career was short compared to other RSG stars, but it was impressive.

In 1989 Ralenkova moved to the USA. Now she is settled in Seattle. She is the mother of a son named after the famous avantgarde singer and poet Vladimir Visozki - further proof that Anelia is an artist in her soul.
Category Rank-F Score-F Rank-Q Score-Q Year Place Level
Ball 3 1983 STRASBOURG 11th World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships
Individual All-Around 2 39.250 1983 BELGRAD 1st Rhythmic Gymnastics World Cup Final
Ball 1 19.800 1983 BELGRAD 1st Rhythmic Gymnastics World Cup Final
Clubs 1 19.850 1983 BELGRAD 1st Rhythmic Gymnastics World Cup Final