Rhythmic (Russia)
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KRAVTCHENKO Tatiana Russia
Discipline: Rhythmic
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Licence No.: 00000832
Date of birth: 13/06/1936 Age: 79
Gender: Female
Height: Weight:
Place of birth: MOSCOW

Hometown: MOSCOW (RUS)
Marital status: Single
Children: 0 boys
0 girls
Occupation: President RSG RUS
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Creation date: 1999-08-27
More about KRAVTCHENKO Tatiana:
Tatiana Kravtchenko was the 60’s unanimously recognized « Russian beauty ». The blonde, very attractive young woman represented her country in the individual contests of Budapest’63, Prag’65 World Championships. In Copenhagen’67, she was a par t of the Group Exercise. Together with Ludmila Savinkova, Elvira Averkovich aand Lilia Nazmudinova (who tooik part in the individual competitions of those championships), she marked the beginning of the then Soviet Rhythmic Gymanstics School’s international successes.

Both Savinkova and Kravtchenko were coached by Tamara Lisitzian, and later on, by her sister Maria Lisitzian. In the beginning of the 60's Rhythmic Gymnastics was still looking for the right direction of development. The execution artistry was considered by some to be rather important. In this respect, Kravtchenko was blessed by having very plastic and very "expressive" arms. This was of extreme help to her in translating her routines into real art miniatures.

Throughout her career, Kravtchenko remained faithful to the Russian classical style and music. The routine she will be rembered for by her contemporaries was the one without hand apparatus to "Russian theme" music. It brought her the world title on this piece in 1965 (Prague).
As competitors Tatiana Kravtchenko and Ludmila Savinkova were constantly in contention for the first place. "She is my friend, but eternal rival, as well !" stated Ludmila Savinkova. On the international stage, (with the exception of Prague'65), victory somehow loved more Savinkova, but at home, her favourite was more likely,Kravtchenko. Tatiana was very much a crowd favourite, and the latter never truly recognized someone else than Tatiana to be "The Miss 60's".

Kravtchenko has always been a fighter, which caused her enough problems at times, but it has given her quite a lot of satisfaction as well. As well as Savinkova, she was inclined to the arts and after she finished her education in the High Institute for Physical Culture in Moscow, she then achieved a degree at the High Institute for Arts (Producer's profile). Now Tatiana Kravtchenko is the President of the Moscow Rhythmic Gymnastics Federation.

Her hobby remains poetry !