Rhythmic (Ukraine)
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TIMOCHENKO Alexandra Ukraine
Discipline: Rhythmic
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Licence No.: 00000828
Date of birth: 18/02/1972 Age: 43
Gender: Female
Height: Weight:
Place of birth: BOHUSLAV

Hometown: KIEV (UKR)
Marital status: Single
Children: 0 boys
0 girls
Occupation: Coach
Languages Spoken:
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First Int. Competition (year):
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Creation date: 1999-08-27
More about TIMOCHENKO Alexandra:
Alexandra Timoshenko is the only competitor in RG who has won two Olympic Medals: Bronze in Seoul 1988 and Gold in Barcelona 1992. She was a phenomenon in this sport not only because of her long and successful career but for the new tendency she provoked in RG by demonstrating first in the world new types of scale and balance elements.

Alexandra was extremely talented. She didn't lack anything required for a great champion and took profit by nature's generosity towards her, to the full extent.

Strange, but a fact, Alexandra and the twice AA World Champion Diliana Georgieva (BUL), both celebrate their birthdays on one and the same day 18th of February. The difference between their ages is exactly 6 years.

Alexandra's career was connected with the mother and daughter Deriugini - Albina and Irina (who was world champion herself in 1977 and in 1979).

Her biggest opponent at home and on the international field was Oxana Skaldina with whom Alexandra trained, went to school and lived together in Kiev. As for the concurrence from abroad, Timoshenko met the strongest competitor of two Bulgarian generations- to start with Bianca Panova, Elizabeth Koleva and Adriana Dunavska and to finish with Maria Petrova, the triple All around World Champion.

Timoshenko possesses the richest medal collection in the world of RG: 26 gold medals from European, World Championships and Olympic Games.

At the moment she lives in Austria but crosses the border almost every day to coach in a German Rhythmic Gymnastics club.v.atkinson.
Category Rank-F Score-F Rank-Q Score-Q Year Place Level
Individual All-Around 1 59.037 1 38.975 1992 BARCELONA Games of the XXV Olympiad
Individual All-Around 2 1991 ATHENS 15th World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships
Rope 1 1991 ATHENS 15th World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships
Hoop 1 1991 ATHENS 15th World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships
Ball 1 1991 ATHENS 15th World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships
Clubs 1 1991 ATHENS 15th World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships
Individual All-Around 2 1992 STUTTGART 8th European Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships