Rhythmic (Ukraine)
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DERUGINA Irina Ukraine
Discipline: Rhythmic
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Licence No.: 00000823
Date of birth: 11/01/1958 Age: 57
Gender: Female
Height: 0 cm/0.0 ft Weight: 0 kg/0.0 lb
Place of birth: KIEV

Hometown: KIEV (UKR)
Marital status: Married
Children: 0 boys
0 girls
Occupation: Coach
Languages Spoken: English, Russian
Start Discipline (year): 1965
First Int. Competition (year): 1974
National Team Since (year): 1974
Current Club: Deriugina school
Head coach: Albina Deriugina
Assistant coach:

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Creation date: 1999-08-27
More about DERUGINA Irina:
Irina is the only ex Soviet gymnast who possesses two all around world RG titles (1977, 1979). She blossomed as a high level performer during the maturity years of the great Galina Shugurova and finally managed to become her worthy successor on the international stage.
Deriugina's mother Albina was her coach. Irina's success influenced sensibly the further development of RG in Kiev and led to the building of better sports facilities for RG in the region.

The Shugurova vs Deriugina challenge was quite an intriguing one at that time. Galina and Irina were very different in style. The first one was technically brilliant, quick and enigmatic on the floor; the second one was slender, expressive and Bolshoi ballerina like. She was a beauty, she knew this and behaved as a queen, both on the floor and outside. Her routines refllected the classical style.

Deriugina's satisfaction as a coach was even biger compared to that as a gymnast. Alexandra Timoshenko, the Barcelona Olympic champion was namely Albina and Irina Deriugini's pupil together with the All Around champion for 1991 Oxana Skaldina and many other brillant gymnasts.

Now Derugina's School of RG in Kiev is one of the best in the world. Very positive for its growing image is the Int. Tournament "Derugina Cup" (named after the mother Albina). Since 1991, it attracts some of the best performers in the world and gives them an idea what the next season will be like. Irina is married to the Ukrainian Football star Oleg Blochin.