Rhythmic (Bulgaria)
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GIGOVA Maria Bulgaria
Discipline: Rhythmic
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Licence No.: 00000820
Date of birth: 21/04/1947 Age: 68
Gender: Female
Height: Weight:
Place of birth: SOFIA

Hometown: SOFIA (BUL)
Marital status: Single
Children: 0 boys
0 girls
Occupation: NOC BUL
Languages Spoken:
Start Discipline (year):
First Int. Competition (year):
National Team Since (year): 1963
Current Club:
Head coach: Julietta Shishmanova (BUL)
Assistant coach:

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Creation date: 1999-08-27
More about GIGOVA Maria:
Maria won her titles in 1967 and 1969 under the coaching of Julietta Shishmanova. She set an absolute record in RSG - 3 All Around titles - which stayed unbeaten until 1995. Then her compatriot and successor Maria Petrova (in Bulgaria called "Maria The II"), equalled at the WC in Vienna.
Guigova's name was and still is a legend in this sport. She was the phenomenon of the end of 60's and the beginning of the 70's. Her elegance, artistry and classical style were unique. She was capable of presenting 100% of her potential during a competition, which in fact is a quality very few sports people possess. Her most recognized speciality was the exercise with hoop. In fact she never missed the world title with it (in 1967, 1969, 1971, and 1973).

Her big success on the international stage helped tremendously in building a strong image for RSG in Bulgaria. Very essential for Maria's development as a gymnast was the concurrence within the national team at the end of 60's, throughouly created by the head coach Shishmanova. Maria Guigova, Neshka Robeva and Rumania Stefanova were the forefront; Violetta Elenska, Vera Marinova and a few others were always a breadth behind them, thus helping Julietta to create her new dream gymnastics. Maria Guigova's flexibility and expressiveness of the upper part of the body as well as her ability to "flirt" with the audience, turned out to be a real blessing. This is why, Maria remained rather more lyrical than dynamic as a performer and only at the end of her career in Rotterdam' 73. At home, Maria's eternal rival was Neshka Robeva and this rivalry has never come to an end.

From 1982 to 1989 Maria was President of the Bulgarian RSG Federation. She was a member of the RSG/TC-FIG from 1978-1992 andt its vice-President between 1980-1992. Nowadays, she works for the NOC as a Sports Director. She has a daughter born in 1982, who is also called Maria.
Category Rank-F Score-F Rank-Q Score-Q Year Place Level
Floor 1 1969 VARNA 4th World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships