KIM Nellie
Womens Artistic (Belarus)
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KIM Nellie Belarus
Discipline: Womens Artistic
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Licence No.: 00000674
Date of birth: 29/07/1957 Age: 58
Gender: Female
Height: Weight:
Place of birth: LENINABAD (TJK) Missing

Marital status: Single
Children: 0 boys
0 girls
Occupation: Coach
Languages Spoken: Russian, English, Italian.
Start Discipline (year): 1966
First Int. Competition (year): 1971
National Team Since (year): 1968
Current Club:
Head coach: Vladimir Baidin (URS)
Assistant coach: Galina Barkova (URS)

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Creation date: 1999-08-27
More about KIM Nellie:
Nellie Kim is one of the few figureheads of the FIG. She was and continues to be influential in the lives of generations of gymnasts and is considered an idol in Women's Artistic Gymnastics. Nellie is also one of the very rare gymnasts able to claim the perfect 10.000!

She emerged in the 1973 'Moscow News' Tournament. Her first coach was Baidin and her second coach Miligulo. Nellie was the first woman to present the double back somersault and full twist in Tsukahara.

Leo by Zodiac, Lioness as a gymnast, Nellie was the tough opponent of another gymnastic legend, Romanian Nadia Comaneci; two gymnasts who battled it out to victory, duals that became an indelible part of the anthology of our discipline. In the 60s and 70s, Nadia represented unique, robotics stability, whereas Nellie seemed more human, with a natural expressive charm and acrobatic difficulties on Floor and Vault, to which her compact physique suited. Her five Olympic and five World titles are, quite curiously, less remembered than her strong feminine, temperamental and charismatic appeal. She was perfect for Team exploits and proved it contributing for two Olympic ('76 and '80) and two World ('74 and '78) team titles.

Photographers loved her from the time she first appeared at the Montreal Olympic Games, and she was the only one to challenge Nadia with 3 Gold medals, until she finished her career at the 1980 Moscow Olympic Games, doubling her titles on Floor and with the Team.

After her retirement from active competition, Nellie provided her experience as a coach to different national federations the world over: South Korea, Italy, and South Africa.

Born in Tadjikistan, in the Asian part of the former Soviet Union, she has not spent much time in her native Leninobad; her home country became Belorussia (after her first marriage to Vladimir Astasov). Today, she alternates living in Minsk (BLR) and St. Paul, Minneapolis (USA). From 1983 to 1995, Nellie was the Head Coach of the Belarus National Team. In 1993, she became Vice- President of the Belarus Gymnastics Association and President of the Judging Committee for WAG in her country. In 1996, Nellie was elected a Member of the FIG Women’s Technical Committee, Vice- President in 2000 and President in 2004.
Category Rank-F Score-F Rank-Q Score-Q Year Place Level
Vault 1 19.800 1976 MONTREAL Games of the XXI Olympiad
Floor Exercise 1 19.850 1976 MONTREAL Games of the XXI Olympiad
Vault 3 19.675 1979 FORT WORTH 20th World Artistic Gymnastics Championships
Balance Beam 3 19.450 1979 TOKYO 4th Artistic Gymnastics World Cup Final