KEZHOVA Eleonora
Rhythmic (Bulgaria)
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KEZHOVA Eleonora Bulgaria
Discipline: Rhythmic
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Status: Retired
Licence No.: 00002178
Date of birth: 28/12/1985 Age: 30
Gender: Female
Height: 174 cm/5.6 ft Weight: 52 kg/110.2 lb
Place of birth: SOFIA Eleonora kezhova

Hometown: SOFIA (BUL)
Marital status: Single
Children: 0 boys
0 girls
Occupation: Student
Languages Spoken: English
Start Discipline (year): 1992
First Int. Competition (year): 1998
National Team Since (year): 1999
Current Club: Iliana
Head coach: Iliana Raeva (BUL)
Assistant coach: Ina Ananieva & Mariela Pashalieva (BUL)
Choreographer: Tsvetanka Petkova (BUL)

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Creation date: 2002-05-27
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Going to the cinema, shopping, driving a car and sunbathing.

A Return to Innovation
by Vera Atkinson-Marinova.
Four of the 2004 Olympic Bronze medallists came out of retirement to follow their dream to change the face of the sport and revive the Bulgarian RG School.
Five years ago Eleonora Kezhova, Christina Rangelova and the identical twins Vladislava and Galina Tanchevi won Olympic Bronze medals with the Bulgarian Group in Athens 2004. Sadly they retired immediately after the Games.
Three years later, after watching on TV the World Championships in Patras (GRE), they all felt an irresistible urge to return to competition. Everyone thought they were “crazy”, as “crazy” as their National coach Iliana Raeva, who, after having listened to their pleas, drew the following “very simple” terms:
“Do not expect any special treatment and privileges. Prove you can return to the best of your competitive form, win the Control competitions and only then can we get on with the job!”
Meanwhile, Christina Rangelova had married and given birth to her daughter, Nikita in 2007. Thus, in the gym, where the young mum and her teammates were going through a grueling training regime to regain their form, there was often a pram in the corner! It was the coach Maria Koleva (also a former Bulgarian Group international), who helped this “Magnificent Four” along the road, which led to their competitive return.
By the end of 2008 the new-old Bulgarian Group had already won the Control competitions and the right to represent their country internationally. Iliana Raeva had put her publishing business on hold to allow her to return to the gym to coach them. Thus, from there on, the day-to-day life of the “Crazies” has turned into a creative laboratory of innovation and endless work “polishing the details.
The first International appearance of the Group, at the World Cup event in Budapest (HUN) in March 2009 provoked a sensation- they won the Gold medal for the exercise with Ropes and Ribbons. Through the season they followed a medal-laden pathway, which has led them to Mie. They have created a new image and a new nickname, “The Innovators”…
Iliana Raeva, 1980 European Individual All-around Champion (Amsterdam), part of the outstanding Bulgarian Golden Generation if the 80’s; National RG Coach for Bulgaria:
“Our aim is to inspire the other nations to try to change the countenance of contemporary Rhythmic Gymnastics; to show a new direction of development which will make our sport more understandable, more spectacular and more appealing to the world.
We want to revive the best features of the Bulgarian Rhythmic Gymnastics School and bring them forward. We want to prove, that in spite of the harsh requirements of the current International Code of Points, our sport can demonstrate genuine art and touch people’s hearts.
We hope to compete at our best in these World Championships, but most of all, we want the people to remember our routines long after they have seen them!”
3 Ribbons & 2 Ropes Exercise:
Music: “Carmina Burana” by Karl Orf.
The arrangement is the work of the Bulgarian composer Evgeni Dimitrov- The Maestro, who interweaved Bulgarian tonality in some parts of the composition, while trying to keep the music as close to the original as possible. The most sophisticated equipment and techniques have been applied during the recording, which involved 150 people (a choir performing the vocal, an orchestra and the outstanding “Ku-Ku” Band.

Idea: Using the might and the expressiveness of the music, to create the impression of a sacred ritual, through the means of RG, demonstrating breath-taking risk elements, creative choreography and superb body-technique.
1. Eleonira Kezhova (23)
2. Vladislava Tancheva (22)
3. Galina Tancheva (22)
4. Christina Rangelova (24)
5. Stella Sultanova (20)
5 Hoops
Music: Soundtrack from the film “The Dark Knight”, by Hans Zimmer.
Idea: Since they can’t be Knights in this routine, the performers show themselves as “The Black Amazons”. Their message to the audience relates to the temperament, the vitality and the spiritual strength of their nation. Their costumes are specially designed for the Championships in Mie and are in line with the powerful, aggressive style of music and choreography.
1. Michaela Maevska (18) replaces Eleonora Kezhova
2-5. As above
Bulgarian Groups Record:
World Championships - a record! 9 time World Champions!
Varna (BUL) 1969, Havana (CUB) 1971, Munich (GER) 1981, Strasbourg (FRA) 1983, Valladolid (ESP) 1985, Varna (BUL) 1987, Sarajevo (YUG) 1989, Vienna (AUT) 1995 and Budapest (HUN) 1996.
2007 World Championships Patras (GRE):
Two Bronze medals (5 Ropes and 3 Hoops / 2 Clubs) 4th place All-around.
Olympic Games:
Atlanta 1996 - Silver medal, Athens 2004 - Bronze medal, Beijing 2008 - 5th places. vam.

Category Rank-F Score-F Rank-Q Score-Q Year Place Level
Group All-Around 3 48.600 3 46.900 2004 ATHENS Games of the XXVIII Olympiad
Group All-Around 2 50.175 2003 BUDAPEST 26th World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships
Group All-Around 4 47.050 2002 NEW ORLEANS 25th World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships
Group All-Around 2 52.000 2003 RIESA 19th European Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships
Group All-Around 4 54.125 2001 GENEVA 17th European Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships