Trampoline (Russia)
Last update: 05/09/2011

MOSKALENKO Alexander Russia
Discipline: Trampoline
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Licence No.: 00001334
Date of birth: 04/11/1969 Age: 46
Height: 174 cm/5.7 ft Weight: 74 kg/163.1 lb
Place of birth: KRASNODAR

Marital status:
Children: 0 boys
0 girls
Occupation: Sportsman
Languages Spoken: Russian / English
Start Discipline (year): 1975
First Int. Competition (year): 1985
National Team Since (year): 1985
Current Club: CSCA
Head coach: Vitaly Dubko (RUS)
Assistant coach: Ludmila Nemejan (RUS)
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Creation date: 1999-09-01
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If Trampoline had been an Olympic discipline since 1992, Moskaleno could have been on track for a truly exceptional feat. A 4th Olympic title in a row. There will be actually no regret. He "only" earned the silver medal at the 2004 Olympic Games. One more medal of an excpetional career !

Indeed, Moskalenko's nicknamed is the Governor, because he has reigned over the trampoline for so many years. When he competes, he usually wins. 5 times World Champion in Trampoline Individual (1990, 92, 94, 99, 2001) and 4 times in Synchro (92,94, 99, 2001), which is still not part of the Olympics, and numerous other awards.

In fact, Moskalenko came back out of retirement in 1998, when he learned that Trampoline Individual will be an Olympic discipline in 2000. Naturally, he won the title in Sydney !

The last two years were a bit more difficult. He "only" managed the silver medal at the 2003 World Championships behind the German Henrik Stehlik, and he has suffered from back pain all during 2004.


They both fly over the clouds, stars among the stars of Trampoline. They both won all world titles as no one before had done and both are the proud current Olympic champions. Irina Karavea and Alexander Moskalenko, representing the Russian Federation, decided not to give up after Sydney and keep competiting.

Trampoline insiders remember the time when Alexander retired from international competition, feeling that there were no further challenges for him. But on January 1st 1999, Trampoline became an FIG discipline and the dream of an Olympic title became reality. Alexander having taken up this challenge, submitted himself to a rigorous training programme to restablish himself at the top of the ranking list and to guarantee qualification for Sydney. He paid a high price, in terms of commitment, but as everyone knows, he achieved his dream. And he did it with style !

We thought that having achieved the ultimate, Sasha would rest on his laurels. However, the victory he has savoured most is that over himself and rising to all the challenges that faced him in his preparation for Sydney.Sport and victories have opened new doors and given him a new way of life, both mentally and physically.

His example is an inspiration for those who are tempted to give up when the going gets tough. Victory is not always winning a medal as Alexander testifies.

Alexander left the scene on July 30, at the occasion of a the Dobrovolski World Cup in Krasnodar.

During this show an outstanding celebration and farewell for Alexander Moskalenko, the retired Olympic Champion in Sydney 2000, winner of the silver medal in Athens 2004 and five times World Champion took place. Almost thirty Gold Medal Winners of different sports were present.

Alexander (Sascha) Moskalenko was honoured with many speeches and presents of high value, only one to name: a race horse, which was presented to him in the sportshall. Fig Aug 05.