NEMOV Alexei
Mens Artistic (Russia)
Last update: 05/09/2011

NEMOV Alexei Russia
Discipline: Mens Artistic
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Licence No.: 00000120
Date of birth: 28/05/1976 Age: 39
Gender: Male
Height: 173 cm/5.7 ft Weight: 71 kg/156.5 lb
Place of birth: BARASHEVO

Hometown: TOLLIATI (RUS)
Marital status: Married
Children: 0 boys
0 girls
Occupation: Student
Languages Spoken: Russian, English
Start Discipline (year): 1982
First Int. Competition (year):
National Team Since (year): 1990
Current Club: Trade Union
Head coach: Evgeny Nikolko (RUS)
Assistant coach: A. Shestakova (RUS)
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Creation date: 2000-03-08
More about NEMOV Alexei:
An only child, Alexei was taken to the gym at the age of six by his mother. When he was 14 years old, he joined the Soviet junior squad and since that time his life is spent mostly at the National Training Centre Krugloe Ozero (Round Lake), 60 km from Moscow, than at home, in Toliatti.

He competed in his first senior event when he was 16 (the 1993 World Championships in Birmingham).

At the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta, he racked up 6 medals including 2 golds (team and vault) !

In early 1997 he had shoulder surgery but was barely back to full fitness by the World championships in Lausanne, in September of that year. From this point of time though, performing on rings became a problem for him. It seems therefore a sheer exploit of Nemov being able to win the Olympic all around and horizontal bar titles in Sydney 2000 together with so many other titles and medals at major Championships.

In Sydney he performed one of his most impressive exercises on the High Bar including seven release and catch elements in sequence.

Nemov was the most decorated gymnast at the 1996 and the 2000 Olympic games:
· Atlanta 1996: 2 gold (Vault andTeam), 1silver (AA), 3 bronze (High Bar, Floor, Pommels) · Sydney 2000: 2 gold (AA and High Bar), 1 silver (Floor), 3 bronze medals (Team, Pommels, Pbars)

Wherever he competes, Nemov becomes THE audience darling, because of his strong personal appeal and the superb class of his gymnastics. At the same time he is a solid pole player in the National team, pulling his teammates to medal positions on many occasions (e.g. At the European Championships in Bremen 2000 he contributed to the team’s title being their last performer on floor).

In June 2000 Alexei married Galina, whom he met at the Russian training camp Round Lake, where she was employed in a non-gymnastics related job. Several years older than Alexei, she already had a son by a previous marriage. Alexei became a father to his first-born son (named after him) shortly before his triumph at the Sydney Olympic Games, while he was at a pre-Olympic training camp with the Russian Team in Adelaide (AUS).

From Personal coach, Evgeny Nikolko: In his private life he is honest and a joker. In the gym he is the opposite. He is seldom stubborn- this only shows he is talented

From Tobias Koler (Turn Borse, 2/00): 'He is friendly, wonderful companion, prompt, correct and helpful. In short he is the dream of every mother in law'

- TurnBorse-2/00 : 'I don’t want to be sex symbol anymore!' A.N.

From himself (famous): "Of all the cars I prefer those from the Volga Automotive Plant" Anybdody said Lada ?

FIG - July 04
Category Rank-F Score-F Rank-Q Score-Q Year Place Level
Horizontal Bar 5 9.762 2004 ATHENS Games of the XXVIII Olympiad
All Around 1 58.474 1 58.361 2000 SYDNEY Games of the XXVII Olympiad
Vault 1 9.756 1996 SAN JUAN 32nd World Artistic Gymnastics Championships
Floor Exercise 2 9.400 1998 SABAE 9th Artistic Gymnastics World Cup Final
Parallel Bars 4 9.612 2002 PATRAS 25th European Artistic Gymnastics Championships